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Dr Robin Wooldridge

Dr Robin Wooldridge MA BSc FRSA FVCM LVCM(TD) LVCM(TD) LNCM has been involved in teaching privately since 1993. 

He completed his postgraduate certificate and postgraduate diploma in English Linguistics followed by an MA in English Linguistics at a leading UK university. He undertook doctoral research with an overseas international university and was awarded a PhD with a major in Linguistics which is equivalent to those degrees awarded by accredited colleges and universities of the USA (CUFCE, USA)

Robin holds:

LAMDA Gold Medal Public Speaking (Distinction), 

LAMDA Gold Medal Speaking of Verse and Prose (Merit), 

LAMDA Certificate of Merit Reading for Performance (Distinction) 

Licentiate of the National College of Music in Public Speaking. 

Licentiateship of the Victoria College of Music in Speech and Drama Education 

Licentiate in the Teaching of Speech, with Honours. 

Fellowship examinations of Victoria College with Honours. This is the highest level Diploma that can be awarded.

Robin is a visiting tutor at a leading university where he teaches speech and voice to students on the Broadcast Journalism degree course. He has also been a GCSE Literature examiner for a national examination board.

Robin has also assisted on speech related articles for The Times newspaper (23/10/19), Guardian (14/10/16), The Globe and Mail (30/4/13), The Tatler (23/10/19) and Telegraph (12/2/20). He has spoken on accent and speech on a number of radio programmes.

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