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Elocution & Speech

Elocution & Speech

Rules for Good Speech

In an essay by William Enfield published in 1808, the rules for good speech were clearly listed:

Let your articulation be distinct and deliberate.

Let your pronunciation be bold and forcible.

Acquire compass and variety in the height of your voice.

Pronounce your words with propriety and elegance.

Pronounce every word consisting of more than one syllable with its proper ACCENT.

In every sentence, distinguish the more significant words by a natural, forcible, and varied EMPHASIS.

Acquire a just variety of Pause and Inflection.

Accompany the emotions and passions, which your words. express, by correspondent tones, looks and gestures.

They remain as important today.

Adults' Level 3 Exams

Grade 8 Gold Medal Examinations

Speaking in Public

Interview Technique


English as an Additional Language

Spoken English

Speaking of Verse and Prose

Reading for Performance

Adult learners are welcome to work towards any of the above qualifications. These are Level 3 qualifications and can be taken throughout the year and carry UCAS points. They are ideal for those seeking professional accredited qualifications for personal development or career advancement. Please contact us for more information.

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Examinations 'Online'

New Era Academy examinations are taken 'online' in the privacy of the candidate's own home. There are three examinations each year.

Please contact us for information concerning LAMDA examinations.

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